Falcons, Lions Could Be Next Teams to Move First Round Picks

Jim Mone / AP

Per Adam Schefter, the Atlanta Falcons are fielding calls regarding their fourth overall pick in the draft. With that pick, Atlanta have many different directions that they could go, ranging from a quarterback, Kyle Pitts, offensive line, or even a defensive player. With the three picks above number four looking like they will be QBs at this point, it is essentially the start of the draft. 

That said, Atlanta has many needs for their team. With this draft being deep at many positions of need, adding more capital could prove to be more useful than anything. With this desire to trade, it seems to be ensured that Atlanta is comfortable sticking with Matt Ryan as well. 

Atlanta is not the only team making trade calls, though. After the blockbuster trade for Jared Goff and draft capital, the Detroit Lions are looking to acquire even more assets to move out of the seventh pick. This move makes a lot of sense as they are not in a position where they need a QB. Detroit could move down to the middle of the first round and still have essentially the same options. They could get a wide receiver to replace Marvin Jones, an o-lineman to protect Goff, or a defensive player to put pressure on opposing offenses.